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Mary T.
2016-10-17 10:25:42

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I had the pleasure (15th time in two years) to see MTB on Saturday, October 15, 2015 at the TROPICANA CASINO, Atlantic City, NJ. I turned on a new friend to MTB that evening. I had the honor of seeing Chris Hicks and Rick Willis by their PREVOST RV. My friend just retired (25 years) of working on RVs. We waited for Doug Gray, Marcus Henderson, BB Borden and the new bass player. They were busy with friends. We tried to complete the autographs we were obtaining for another friend on his CD. Chris said he could possibly accommodate me for my upcoming birthday (Dec. 8th) at the Sellersville Theater, PA on Dec. 10th. That little venue would be exciting as I have never been to Sellersille Theater. I also requested a song "RUNNING LIKE THE WIND", 1979 BY MTB, but they only played 1 hour in Atlantic City the other evening. Definitely, a BIG dissapointment. The management of these casinos must realize we travel a distance ALSO to see our favorite artists and we PAY big bucks and stay in hotels, gas in our autos. We would enjoy a few extra songs from MTB. The band is NOT the only entity suffering from jet lag! Thank you for reading my comments. Terri Stirling, PA

Mary T.
2016-10-17 10:27:45

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What an honor to play in Atlanta after a long absence. ENJOY MTB ATLANTA!

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