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Classic Original Band Pictures » Where It All Began! One of the earliest MTB publicity pictures, this one from 1972.

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Mike 03/14/2010 09:12PM

The best MTB Band Shot I have seen! What a line-up. I know the current line-up is good and Doug is always at his best, but, the original will never be replaced. You guys were the greatest Southern Rock Band period. Lynard Skynard was close and the Allman Brothers were very close. However, MTB had magic!!!!

Mike Cole

Rob 04/16/2010 05:24PM

I played music for a living for many years... MTB is still my favorite... What a sound.

Dr. Rob Honzell, PhD

Glen 09/14/2010 08:46PM

I thank God that I was able to see the band in it's original lineup, and also later incarnations. What a great band!!

Glen Bradley

Helen 11/27/2010 05:56PM

The band is awesome! Whenever I want to escape in time I listen to their music it takes me back to a time of freedom and carefree days. I hope they come back to Missouri so I can see them again in concert. It's great music with alot of class!!

steve 02/04/2011 04:57AM

My dear departed brother introduced me to southern Rock n Roll. My room was next to his growing up. He was 7 yrs older and started working as soon as he was old enough. First thing he bought was a high dollar componet stero. AM/FM tuner,turntable and large speakers 2,then added two more.We always had a turn table for the LPs and 45s,but the new one was like having a band next door. Marshall Tucker was his favorite he would play it all the time. He had a irish setter at his first place when he moved out named Tucker.Tucker would drag his dog house to the neighbors yard to investigate things.It was a large dog house.He also loved Charlie Daniels,and they played a recording of Free Bird at his funeral by the grave side. And releaced ballons.He had great taste in music and friends.Most of the music i have was given to me by him as Christmas presents growing up.We loved the Beatles, and early McCartney.Then on it was Southen Rock for him.Later he listened to all types of music, and was way into his church,his kids and grand kids,step dauther and wife.Still working too hard.But still had his friends who wanted to spend time with him. And family who he always found time to help. Like me and my old hvac unit he would come over to repair for a thank you. As well as the Church they were building.OR help my other brother work on his car.I would'nt see him for sometime then i would go to see my dad and dad would ask have you see your brother? No i;d say he's never home. Well dad would say he dropped these manuals off for my old Ford.He was'nt a goodman he was a superman.A few years from retirement and a daughter who was 1 year from graduateing from college he was killed on a Harley Davidson motorcycle on the way to Bike Week in Myrtle Beach SC. On the all too dangerous Hwy 52. In Stanly County a woman pulled into the road and struck his motorcycle killing him instantly. On a pretty day in May 2010.She had hit someone else on the same stretch of road 90 days earlier who was on a bicycle but it was'nt as serious. They put her on probation and also charged her with mistermeaner manslaugther.I guess no one cares about the details.But what gets me is he was in the far side of the lane. A double lane. He was to the far left. She left a stop sign. Pulled forward far enough too strike him on a clear sunny day. She could have seen him a mile away if she had looked but she did'nt.I used to love motorcycles i was the only one of us brothers who had a motorcycle growing up and the only one who didnt after he growed up. I also liked to ride bicycles but i can't. I' can't see turnin my back to traffic. I mean she hit him head on dang near. She hit his right leg and stopped him.Thanks for letting me write this. We will never get used to not seeing our favorite son and brother. Love you always brother.

Scott 06/28/2011 09:45PM

When Tommy got killed I sent a letter to Toy and Abigail expressing my deep sorrow for there loss. They sent me back a Mass card signed by the family. That really blew me away that he did that.They were southern gentleman thru and thru all of them. They played the blues there way with a country feel. I saw them many times in the 70's with all the original members and I gotta tell you Ive seen em all Pink Floyd "Dark Side Moon" Clapton,CDB, Elvin Bishop,CSNY,Loe Reed "Berlin" ala intro Sweet Jane and recently Joe Louis Walker and Jimmie Vaughn. Nothing compares to the Marshall Tucker Band lyrics and music.God bless you all and thank you for the music of my youth.

Dave 09/04/2011 04:29PM

Hi guys, yes I agree, great shot. Can anyone help me out here. Was there ever a singer called George Hatcher in this band? Cheers, from the UK, Dave

Tammie 07/04/2012 06:51AM

George Hatcher was born in Bennetsville, South Carolina whose first band was called The Fantastics. He then went on to form the band called "Flatrock" who recorded a couple of albums, but those albums were never released.
In 1974, George made his way to London, England and formed a band there called "Stark Naked and the Car Thieves" and played some dates. By 1975, he formed The George Hatcher Band, and toured England, Europe and the United States. He made his way back home to the United States around 1980.
The affiliation between George and The Marshall Tucker Band was that George was friends with Doug Gray, Toy and Tommy Caldwell ~ and Flatrock played a few shows with Doug, Tommy and Toy back when the band was originally called "Toy Factory" which would later be renamed "The Marshall Tucker Band" once Toy, Tommy, Doug Gray and George McCorkle returned from their service in the United States Armed Forces.
So, no..George was never a member of The Marshall Tucker Band...but he was friends with and played some shows with them.
Hope this helps! :)

Tammie 07/04/2012 07:02AM

George Hatcher was originally a member of a band called The Fantastics. He later went on to form the band called 'Flatrock' who recorded a couple albums, but they were never released. In 1974, he went to London, England and formed a band there called 'Stark Naked and the Car Thieves'. By 1975, he formed The George Hatcher Band and toured England, Europe and the United States. He 'came home' around 1980.
The affiliation between George Hatcher and The Marshall Tucker band is that George was actually friends with Doug Gray and brothers Toy and Tommy Caldwell, and his band, Flatrock played a few shows with Doug, Toy and Tommy back when their band was known as 'Toy Factory'. 'Toy Factory' would later be renamed to The Marshall Tucker Band.
So no, George was never a member of The Marshall Tucker Band, but he was friends with them and played a few shows with them.
Hope this helps :)

Tim 07/23/2013 12:32PM

Ever need a drummer as a fill in, what ever, I'm retiring as a firefighter very soon. My face book is: Tim Andrew, Naugatuck, Connecticut

OLIVIA 02/09/2014 11:49PM

I always loved Tommy, in Jacksonville Fla I met him first, then in New Orleans at the Warehouse, as sweet and lovin as he was beautiful...cryin now...and thinkin how can it be, coz I didn't even know u were gone til now, forever in my heart...Olivia Fontaine

kimberly 03/22/2014 04:57PM


Christopher 05/08/2014 07:53AM

Yes! I agree - the above Picture of you Guys - To the MTB! This is One of the Best Pictures I have ever seen!! Its just totally Awesome and Great!! Chris in Missouri!!

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