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Recent MTB Photos » The band at Tom Bass Park Amphitheatre in Houston, TX on May 15, 2011. Photo by Barry Sigman (

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mark 06/25/2011 06:45PM

great picture of the band. Doug to my understanding you met my niece the other day in Iowa on stage, watch out Linsey will talk your leg till it falls off.

Dottie 07/15/2011 04:21AM

I will be whooping and wailing when you all come to Milford CT on August 20th. Doug, your voice is a pure mountain stream. I hear so much clarity of tone and emotion in every note! Thank you for all the years of vocal perfection amidst a truly kick a-- band. Please, may I say hello to you after you perform on Aug. 20th. The last time I met you for five seconds was backstage on a bill with Charlie Daniels in 1974 either in Georgia or Tenn. It's been a very long time!! Thank you with all my heart for coming to Milford CT!! My Very Best Wishes to you and the Band, Dottie

Richard 12/10/2011 05:23AM

I really, really, really enjoyed this past weekend on Liberty of the Seas!!!! You guys are great, all of the preformers that I met I found to be excellent people.

I had to unwind,so I did. I want to THANK YOU for sighning my vest. it is somthing I will always treasure. My only problem is who do I will it to.

Tammie 07/04/2012 07:09AM


Will it to someone who has an appreciation and passion for music, and who will know, understand and respect the contribution that this band has made to the world of music. :)

Sheri 03/28/2015 10:41PM

Saw your show last night in Louisville KY and very much enjoyed it. I have to say the way you give the tamborines to little ones and others is memory making for them and very kind.
Great show. Marcus, never have I been so impressed at a live concert with someone's talent as was my whole group last night,. You are a very talented person and you and the band are great together. Thank you all for a great evening.

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