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Digital Rodeo - Soul of the South by Doug Gray

Soul of the South by Doug Gray

At the same time The Marshall Tucker Band is releasing their Greatest Hits album, Doug Gray has also released Soul of the South. The story behind this album is in 1981, Doug Gray was offered an “opportunity to sign a solo record deal by top music executives to sing pop and soul songs which were very popular at the time”.  It was shortly after Tommy Caldwell had passed away and The Marshall Tucker Band was taking a break. During the down time, Gray chose 8 songs and worked with Billy Sherrill  to put together an album of Pop/Rock and R&B songs. The MTB guys also came to the studio and lent their vocals for the project. Gray stopped short of finishing the album, never signed the solo deal and The Marshall Tucker Band went ahead with their next album.

Gray notes that the Spiral Staircase’s 1969 hit “More Today Than Yesterday” was added to the album after Billy Sherrill bet Gray he couldn’t hit the high notes in the song.

Today, the album has been completed and is ready for all that love Doug Gray and The Marshall Tucker Band (and everyone else) to hear. The album has great instrumentation, the vocals are amazing and a must for everyone’s CD collection. I personally think “Easy Listening” should be added to the list of music types on this album.

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Soul Of The South by Doug Gray 

1. Let Me Be The Fool

2. Who

3. Sandman

4. Guilty

5. Don’t Blame It On The Rain

6. Never Enough

7. Still Thinking of You

8. More Today Than Yesterday 


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