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The Tennessean - Marshall Tucker Band’s Doug Gray takes a trip down memory lane

April 8, 2011 by Cindy Watts

With ’70s radio hits including “Can’t You See,” “Heard It in a Love Song,” and “Fire on the Mountain,” it’s been more than 30 years since the Marshall Tucker Band has seen commercial success. But the band’s singer Doug Gray believes the fans are still there, and he wants to help them — and himself — remember the good ole days.

Gray says it’s for them that he recently released The Marshall Tucker Band: Greatest Hits and new eight-song CD Soul of the South, a decades old recording of him singing R&B songs.

Gray recorded the songs shortly after band member Tommy Caldwell died in a car crash in 1981 and then put them in a vault until someone reminded him about them a few months ago.

“I did that record because I had loved rhythm and blues stuff ever since I had gone to see Dionne Warwick in 1965,” he says. “Someone said, ‘What ever happened to that stuff you did?’ So, I brought it back out, shined it up a little bit and put it out.”

As for the greatest hits package, Gray says: “Everybody who bought those records has a memory,” he says. “We created more good memories than I ever would have thought. Marshall Tucker started in high school, and all we wanted to do was have enough money to buy beer on the weekend. It wasn’t because we had talent. We’re just lucky people liked our little bowl of soup we have our personalities mixed into.”

Both albums are in stores now.


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