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Doug Gray Interview on Animal Radio

Hey animal lovers! 

In case you missed it, this just aired nationally on SiriusXM as well as on 108 radio stations. Click the link below to hear Doug's interview on Animal Radio® which, since 2003, has been America's most-listened-to pet talk.

Skip ahead to the 1 hr 12 minute mark...

  • Posted on   04/24/12 at 07:36:35 PM   by Ryan  | 
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Carol Ann 08/19/12 03:31:19 AM

Just finished listening to interview with Doug from Animal Radio. I really enjoyed hearing the warm friendly voice of Doug sharing his love & interests for his kitties Cheech & Chong... sounds like Blood was some cool dog too. Doug obviously not only has a natural inclination with music, he also has an intelligent instinct for animals also. I mean hey, they all fit together; Doug Gray, Marshall Tucker, some good ole boot kickin southern rock... I wonder if Doug's into horses? The Marshall Tucker Band and horseback trail riding; they both go hand in hand with me! There sure is nothin like a "Long Hard Ride"!!! We love ya Doug! Thank you Animal Radio :)!

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