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Concert review: Marshall Tucker Band amazes Westbury, New York

Westbury NY, Sept 2, 2012. Photo by Connie Bolger



The Marshall Tucker Band performed on Sept. 2 at the NYCB Theatre at Westbury,New York. The iconic southern rock group is comprised of Doug Gray on lead vocals and tambourine, Rick Willis on guitar and vocals, Marcus Henderson on flute, saxophone, keyboards and harmonies, guitarist Chris Hicks, Pat Elwood on bass and backing vocals, as well as drummer B.B. Borden.

They opened their show with “This Ol’ Cowboy” and it was followed by their classic hit “Fire On The Mountain,” where the stage was graced in an orange backdrop.

Doug dedicated “Midnight Promises” to all of the young guys and ladies in the crowd.

“How are you all doing out there?” asked frontman Doug Gray prior to thanking the wounded warriors that were in the audience tonight. “It’s always good to be at Westbury,” he added.

They continued with “Take The Highway” and Doug delivered a solo, acoustic performance of “Bob Away My Blues,” which was well-received.

“Thank you for remembering that song. Are you having a good time yet?” Doug asked.

Yet another favorite was “Blue Ridge Mountain Sky,” which featured Marcus Henderson on saxophone and garnered them a huge standing ovation.

“Thank you for keeping the Marshall Tucker Band around for 41 years,” Doug remarked.

Equally captivating was “Georgia Moon” and Doug dubbed it as one of his “favorite songs in the whole world.”

As they were playing “Can’t You See” they encouraged audience interaction and had them singing along with them. They closed with their signature song “Heard It In a Love Song.”

The Verdict

Overall, the Marshall Tucker Band put on a very entertaining and remarkable show at Westbury,Long Island. It is no wonder that they have been around for over four decades and rightfully so. Doug soared on lead vocals and sang with a lot of passion and maximum soul. Henderson was also impressive on his flute and saxophone playing and he showcased his dynamic range on a few vocals; moreover, the remaining band members were exceptionally talented on their instruments and backing vocals. This southern rock band is like fine wine and they only get better with age.

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Reader Comments (1)

matty 09/19/12 05:13:56 PM

Doug, keep MTB going as long as you can. In an interview I read that when Toy left the band, he shook your hand and said "keep rockin" I hope I didn't misquote. After reading the bands bio, it is now 2012, as the last original member you were the chosen one to keep the MTB Torch burning.

My Q for you? What keeps you inspired? Passion for the love of the music must be one reason. I hope to share your great musical voice with the younger generation is another because you have the gift, share it as you are truly one of the last singin cowboys of our time.

I have a 30 year old daughter and 23 year old son and it is great to see they enjoy MTB, more my daughter, kind of like dad, likes the vintage music, Jr is in to Hip Hop and that is cool with me.

I don't wnat to be like my dad, love him, but he hated R&R. I enjoy all music. I must say at 85 dad is an old Italian Shoemaker still works, enjoys MTB and loves Charlie Daniels and the Grand Ole Opry. You would think he would like Sinatra, nope he is a C&W listener.

Dec. 1975 was the first time I saw Charlie Daniels Band and MTB on the same stage at the Capitol Center in Landover MD. The best show/concert I have ever seen and I have seen many in my time. The show lasted a little long, and I did not want it to end.

Thank you & MTB for the great, inspiring music over the past 41 + years. Keep it going!


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