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Foot-Stomping Fun in Hiram

by Teresa Couch
From the Paulding County Sentinel, May 10, 2000

B.B. workin' it!Local fans of Southern rock legends The Marshall Tucker Band got a real treat when the band played at World Class Recreation in Hiram Thursday night. Meanwhile drummer B.B. Borden was enjoying a treat of his own--he was back home.

Starting out on their summer 2000 tour, the band arrived from Spartanburg, SC for the Hiram show before heading for Panama City, FL. Hiram may seem an unlikely stopover for such a big name band but Borden had the perfect reason. Standing outside the club he pointed over his shoulder and said, "I'm about five miles from my house.....I live here in Paulding County. So when people ask me how far I had to travel for the show I say, oh--from just right over yonder," he added with a laugh.

Borden moved to near New Georgia from Atlanta about a year and a half ago. Explaining his decision to relocate to Paulding County he said, "I just love it out here, it is so nice, just gorgeous. I had been living in Atlanta for forever--and I know this sounds corny--but I got tired of not being able to see the stars."

B.B. workin' it!"I'm a Tennessee boy, I grew up in Tennessee. You know, where you can hear the cicadas out in the trees and see the stars. (In Atlanta) I got tired of that, I missed that out-in-the-country feeling. So a friend of a friend said, 'Well, I know where you can get this house...' and I went and I saw it. So I said to my wife, what the hell? Let's get it. And we're as happy as we can be out here. Its just lovely."

"I like being a part of this community and, honest---I read the Paulding County Sentinel to keep up with what's been happening here while I'm out on the road," Borden said. "The paper is great. I swear, I'm not kidding. Its so cool, I read it all the time--because it makes me feel homey. I'm always going out--to New York, San Francisco, all over the place and I need that lifeline to home." He keeps a little table in the garage where his wife puts all the papers so he can catch up on all the local news when he comes home.

Part of the comfort of living in Paulding County is that Borden's family is "just folks" to the other residents. "Some of them know what I do for a living but its no big deal to them." As a matter of fact, several well-known music celebrities live in Paulding County, preferring the quiet country atmosphere to the big city lights.

B.B. workin' it!Returning to the subject of touring Borden said the band would be on the road all summer, "Tis the season," he said with a laugh. The Marshall Tucker Band's new CD "Gospel" is selling well and they are scheduled for several state fairs and some big city festivals, including the popular St. Louis Ribfest.

When The Marshall Tucker band took the stage the atmosphere in the club was electric. Vocalist Doug Gray stepped up to the microphone, started singing and began a nostalgic trip down memory lane for their fans. The band has been making music since 1972, and despite the loss of members kept turning out albums in their established tradition of Southern rock and blues.

Borden on drums and bassist Tim Lawter laid down a strong rhythm for guitarists Rusty Milner and Stuart Swanlund. Gray's soaring vocals were echoed by Clay Cook's flute. Not only the youngest member of the band, Cook is also Gray's nephew. Beaming with pride Gray explained, "We've been waiting 21 years for this boy to grow up and join us and he's doing a heck of a job." Indeed. Cook also plays keyboards, saxophone and sings.

The spine-tingling vocal harmonies that are a trademark of the band were as moving as ever. The musicians were 'tight.' Whether playing a big venue like Philips Arena or a small town club there was no compromise in the quality of the performance. The Marshall Tucker Band gave a small town a big city show.

Hits like "Heard it in a Love Song" and the everybody-sing-along "Can't You See" kept fans on their feet--clapping, dancing and even starting to rush the stage toward the end of the show.

The Marshall Tucker Band gave it their all, right down to treating their fans to an autograph session. It was a special evening of pleasant memories and foot-stomping fun.

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