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We often hear from fans wanting to know when a particular member was in the band or if this person or that person ever played in MTB... so to answer that question definitively (we think) here are the people who have been members of MTB!

Ace Allen

Don Cameron

Clay Cook

Ronnie Godfrey

Garry Guzzardo

Tony Heatherly

Chris Hicks

Tim Lawter

David Muse

Rusty Milner

Mark Pettey

Ronald Radford

Tom Robb

Paul Thompson

Frank Toler

Franklin Wilkie

Stuart Swanlund

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Reader Comments (1)

Kristi 04/30/10 04:25:32 PM

my husband claims to have done sound for marshall tucker and did play with them from mid 70's to 1980 when he had a motorcycle accident. He does have pictures. He isnt listed I guess because he wasnt officially made a member. Kristi Marshall Holt

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