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Toy Caldwell

toy A devoted Gibson man, like his father before him.

Gibson ES-335 (cream)
1974- Gibson Les Paul Standard (Red Sunburst)
Toy had two older Les Pauls, a 1958 and a 1953, but both were stolen in 1975)
Emmons Pedal-Steel

Toy's Standard was strung with Ernie Ball Slinky Strings. (011, .013, .017, .022, .024, and .036) The action was lowered, although it was still mildly high when compared to other players' height preferences. Fitted with two older humbucking pickups. Except for Schaller tuning heads, the guitar was a stock model.

Two (2) Fender Twin Reverb Amps removed from their original cabinets and refitted into specially-built casings. These two amps powered two Marshall cabinets with the original speakers replaced by four K120 JBL's per cabinet. The two stacks were linked with a Y-cord.

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Reader Comments (3)

Jim 11/21/09 09:18:29 PM

I keep reading that Toy's 1974 Les Paul was a "Red Sunburst", but ALL of the video that I see on youtube and other places has Toy after 1975 with either a DARK Sunburst Les Paul or with the cream ES-335 Studio. Anyone have any more details ?

dale 03/21/2013 11:03:34 AM

It was a 1974 dark sunburst Les Paul Deluxe with 2 DiMargio humbuckers and a relocated tailpiece. It is presently resting peacefully under my bed.

RCS 02/17/11 02:36:16 PM

A MTB and Toy Caldwell fan for many years; Toy Caldwell's playing and licks influenced me to buy 2 Les Pauls over the years; I can only listen and strive to play as well; I still listen to MTB on their box set; their music lives on forever. Rest In Peace Toy and Tommy Caldwell.

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