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George McCorkle

geo George was kind enough to e-mail us his equipment list. Thanks George! ;) "I started off playing with MTB with an old Ampeg head & cabinet, probably an STV. The first good rig I got was one we bought from The Grateful Dead. It was a Macintosh Amp (300 Watt), pre-amped with a Fender Showman Head (100 Watt, I think) played through eight (8) cabinets with two (2) 12 -inch JBL speakers each. Then I got a Mesa Boogie rig. It was a 100 Watt head through (2) two Mesa Boogie cabinets with (4) JBL speakers in each. I used a Mesa Boogie Combo withone (1) 12 inch speaker in smaller Venues.

In the early 80's I did use some Peavey amps from time to time, but never found one I just loved! As for Guitars, I've played about everything! I mostly played my black Gibson Les Paul and my Red Fender Stratocaster. (My son, Justin, plays the Red Strat now) I did like playing a Gibson 335 or 347, or a Lucille every now and then!!

George with Michael B. Smith

Now if I play with my band, I use a Mesa Boogie Combo with one (1) 12 inch speaker. It's a Mark IV, fully loaded. Most of the time I like to plug it straight in, but if I use effects I use a Digitec RP 1 through the effects loop. I Play a Paul Reed Smith Custom Sunburst or a white 62 Stratocaster that's been modified to suit my needs. If I play Acoustic, I use my Taylor 615 (Fishman Pick up EMG amp) or my old Martin that I played when I played with MTB. It's a D-37K with a Baggs set up.

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