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Doug Gray in Octave Match

Southern rock has its roots deep in Spartanburg, SC with The Marshall Tucker Band. Formed in 1972, The Marshall Tucker Band reshaped the Southern rock landscape with their country feel, with instrumentation including the fiddle and a focus on the flute. To this day, The Marshall Tucker Band continues to redefine Southern rock with hints of country, blues, jazz, and gospel, all played with the passion that comes with rock.

With almost 4 decades of music behind them, The Marshall Tucker Band may well be the hardest working group in the music industry, playing 150-200 shows per year. This work ethic has produced a multi - generational fan base that grows bigger every year.

Quite simply,The Marshall Tucker Band is Southern rock at its best.

Band Name Trivia: While The Marshall Tucker Band has had some member changes throughout the years, there has never actually been a member named Marshall Tucker. The name was adopted after seeing it on the key tag to their rehearsal warehouse and the name stuck. Turns out, the real Marshall Tucker was an elderly blind piano tuner in Spartanburg who had rented the warehouse before the band. And the rest is history...


February 2009

Interview: Don Thatcher

Interviewing a legend is always a thrill, especially when the legend is Doug Gray, the only remaining original member of Southern rock icon The Marshall Tucker Band. Doug is a class act and opens up about the music of yesterday and today, the band's marathon touring schedule and work ethic, and their home town of Spartanburg, SC.

Listen to Doug Gray's interview: Part One; Part Two

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Reader Comments (2)

Judy 06/15/09 02:31:03 AM

what a great interview.....have followed the MTB SINCE THE BEGINNING and they're just as good today as they were then... I love love love their music!!!! never get tired listening..

George 06/21/09 11:33:56 AM

My entire library is full of MTB's songs.

Love your music.

George McMurrain

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