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Tommy Caldwell


Tommy Caldwell


Tommy Caldwell was the band's bassist and front man from 1973 until the time of his death (from injuries sustained in a jeep accident) in 1980. He also sang background vocals and wrote several songs, including Melody Ann, which was the only song he ever performed lead vocals on. Tommy was the leader and visionary of the group. He was an inspiration to many and friend to everyone.

You can find out what gear Tommy used here!

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Reader Comments (2)

Lawrence 03/28/10 01:56:19 AM

Thanks for the music Tommy

FC 10/11/12 10:11:11 AM

One of the most underrated bass players of all time! I still remember reading about Tommys death in the newspaper a day or two after it happened. Just days before, I saw them play in Syracuse, NY on the "Ten" Tour. It was the Spring of 1980, the band was on tour in support of the newly released "Ten" and were playing sold out arenas every night. I loved Tommy's playing, it was the backbone of the MTB sound. Few bass players had his ability to be as "Out Front" in the sound mix like he was (Phil Lesh being the other that comes to mind ). Tommy was at the core of the MTB sound. He left a musical legacy that will not soon be forgotten!

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