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Toy Caldwell


It was from the heart and soul of Toy Caldwell that the majority of Marshall Tucker's music originated. His lyrics and music have touched many. For alot of us it has touched us in a way no other music has, before or since. His thumb playing style created its own unique tone. He was the band's lead guitarist and primary songwriter from 1973 - 1983. He also played steel and acoustic guitar. He sang lead on several songs, including "Can't You See," "This Ol Cowboy," and "Blue Ridge Mountain Sky." After leaving MTB he formed the Toy Caldwell Band and in 1992 released a self-titled CD, his only solo album. It was re-released as Son of the South by his friend Charlie Daniels in 2000 (on Charlie's label, Blue Hat Records). Sadly, Toy passed away due to heart disease in 1993.

You can find out what gear Toy used here!

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Reader Comments (7)

Harold 06/22/09 09:28:49 PM

You guys are great. Been a fan since the Caldwell days. Still have the old albums. My prayers are with you Doug. She will be in your music forever though. God Bless you and yours, Harold Hatcher

Lamar 01/06/10 04:58:31 PM

Here is a war story that I felt needed to be told.

I met Toy at the Three Alarm Recording Studio in downtown Memphis Tenn. in 1992. He was in town to perform at the Memphis Horns 25th Reunion show at the Memphis Pyramid.

Toy arrived at the studio dressed in a flannel shirt and jeans. He was a country boy through and through! We spoke at length about music and traveling as I am from Charlotte NC the nearest large city to his home town.

Toy was somewhat worried as the airline had lost his luggage including his guitar!!! As we waited to hear about the status of his things, a call came in saying his guitar had mistakenly been sent to Detroit??? He had the clothes on his back and that was basically it. Even through all of that he remained a laid back country boy!

I remember Toy saying to me "I don't even want to think about my guitar circling around on the luggage belt in Detroit". The guitar and luggage came in the next day and toy played the show. In my opinion, Toy was the player of the day amidst some of the best in the business.

Toy, you will be sorely missed.

Lamar Pace


Regina 02/28/10 01:40:57 AM

I am a long time fan from way back. Was always so proud that MTB was from good ol "Sparkle City"! "Can't You See," is my all time favorite song of songs! Toy's voice on the original song is just extrodinary. I am so glad that MTB is still going strong today & I love you guys so much! Can't wait to see you in B.S.NC in May! I am counting down the days!!!! Love Ya'll!!

Lawrence 03/28/10 01:58:36 AM

Thanks for the music and inspiration God Bless

RCS 02/17/11 07:49:18 PM

A MTB and Toy Caldwell fan since the 70's; Tpy Caldwell's playing style was an influence to purchase to Les Pauls; I will keep practicing and aspire to be 1 degree as good as he was; RIP Toy Caldwell / Tommy Caldwell; long live MTB - keep playin'!

Peter 11/13/11 04:22:11 AM

As an aussie i've always thought of Toy Caldwell as THE consummate American, 'native son' [was he of 'border reiver' stock?] musician; - an apparently modest man, who wore his awesome & seemingly effortless talent, lightly.

Tommy 04/20/13 02:50:32 AM

Dont ever let anyone tell you Southern Rock was the sole property of those below the
Mason Dixon Line...born and raised in New York MTB was the voice of our youth. Tommy and Toy got us through many a crazy night. Can't listen to MTB without getting a lump in my throat...takes me back to a place that was special

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