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Paul Riddle


Drummer Paul Riddle was with the band from 1973 - 1983. He was heavily influenced by Buddy Rich and his jazz styling were unique to a rock and roll band and heavily contributed to their unique style of music. He still lives in Spartanburg where he owns a drum stick company, The Carolina Stick Company, and teaches lessons. He occasionally sits in with the Allman Brothers Band and plays in a local band called Throbber.

You can find out what gear Paul used here!

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Reader Comments (3)

dave 09/22/09 09:13:44 PM

one beautiful Colorado summer afternoon, i was preparing for a MTB concert. that meant going very early afternoon. i was sitting in the sunshine watching the roadies set up the stage. i noticed Paul,Ronnie Godfrey, and whoever was playing bass at the time come out and started playing as the sound system was being set up. Being a drummer myself, i was always very impressed with Paul T. but after what i saw and heard with only a few people present, it launched my opinion of Paul even higher. i was absolutely blown away. it was a sad day for me when Paul left the band. that was the summer of 1982 when i saw this great warm-up show, and it was only a jam session for them. i have never forgot that moment, i never will. i remained a fan of MTB and still enjoying playing my Tucker music til my dying day. I felt truly blessed on that beautiful Colorado afternoon at Red Rocks.

Mike 12/02/09 03:26:02 PM

The MTB were my FIRST live band in Nashville, Tennessee,Feb.2nd,1974 @ The Municipal Auditorium. Not only was I blown away by Toy and Tommy, and Doug's incredible voice, but who is that drummer ? I kept thinking. NOBODY played like THAT !?!? It's over 35 years later,and I've yet to see ANYONE come close,and yes I love Keith Moon, and Bonzo, and more,but Paul's STYLE (has that word ever had a more vivid definition ?) his style has never been duplicated by anyone. God bless you Paul, and thanks for ALL the great music from 1972-1980, and the excitement when I see your name on an Allmans or Warren Haynes show these days !!!

Lawrence 03/28/10 02:05:43 AM

Thanks for the music Paul Good Luck

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