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Jerry Eubanks

Jerry Eubanks

Jerry Eubanks


Jerry Eubanks, a sax player by trade, was asked by Toy Caldwell if he knew how to play flute... and although he didn't, that didn't stop him from answering Toy's question with a resounding "hell yeah!" He set out to learn real quick, and thus the addition of the instrument that made MTB's sound unique from all other southern rock bands was made. Jerry was a mainstay in the band from 1973 - 1996. His flute and sax solos were, along with Toy's guitar licks, the signature of the band. After 25 years of life on the road, he enjoy a life of leisure in Spartanburg with his wife and children, and plays in a band called the Lipnikkies.


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Lawrence 03/28/10 02:00:26 AM

Thanks for the music. You are awsome

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