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Doug Gray began singing at the age of about 4 or 5 at an American Graffiti style diner. He hasn't stopped singing since. Tommy was the band's original front man, bantering with the crowd and introducing songs. Doug never said too much... but time changes everyone! After Tommy passed away there obviously was a big void in the band. Though Franklin Wilkie was hired to replace Tommy on bass, the band still need someone to step into his on-stage roll. Doug did so, though somewhat reluctantly. It's a role he obviously relishes today. After almost 30 years on the road and over 5,000 shows, you can still see the love he has for doing what he does.

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Reader Comments (21)

D 06/11/09 05:26:46 AM

Doug, you are a POWERHOUSE, Leader & Visionary AS ALWAYS to keeping The Marshall Tucker Band name & sound alive from the very beginning!!! A True Fan from New Jersey - Darrell,

leia 10/12/09 10:24:39 PM

Doug, i had so much fun with you and the band at the suffolk va, peanut fest. That was the best day ever. when you pulled me up on stage it made my heart stop. i couldn't believe it. standing on the stage was amazing. watching all those people cheering you on was great. it was a wonderful experiance for me. my dad and mom couldnt believe they missed it. they are true fans of the marshall tucker band. I have that picture you gave me in a picture frame hanging on my wall. when i got to school all my friends had seen me on stage, and that was the topic of my day. thank you so much for making my day a day i will never forget.
from a very happy little girl,

Kathy 10/12/09 10:46:41 PM

Doug i want u to know that my neice and i really enjoyed the concert that u had at the suffolk va. peanut festivals. it was awesome.I have been listening to Marshsll Tucker band for as long as i can remember. My neice is 12 an she really like it.Going on stage with the band was the best thing that has ever happento her. Keep perforning dont stop ther are a lot of us that like yalls music. even the younger generation.awesome concert. PLEASE COME BACK SOON Kathy

Larry 01/10/10 02:18:30 PM

MTB music has been at the top of my list since the early days. Your music evokes memories of mountain sunsets, summer parties at the lake and some memories I can't even remember...LOL! Keep up the great work, you have a special sound. Thank you for making music.

Dave 02/17/10 01:03:22 AM

my wife and i were at your Greeley Colorado Concert,
it was such a great pleasure to be able to see you live on stage.
a very polished performance, the sound was excellent we sat in what looked like the Orchestra Pit!, the show was phenomenal, and you are phenomenal, Please come back to Colorado Soon, we are thinking of coming to the AZ show, if we can make that happen it would be greta to see the band one more time.
you guys Rock!

Dedicated Fans
Dave and Doreen.

Elwood "Woody" 02/17/10 04:50:29 AM

First saw you guys at the San Diego Animal Park...early, mid 80's?? A great sing-along. Looking forward to Wendover! CIAO!

Lawrence 03/28/10 02:02:31 AM

Doug Thanks a million for the music. Sorry I missed you guys in Hammond Louisiana 03-26-10

Jerry 05/05/10 06:40:35 PM

Doug and crew..been listening since Carolina Dreams ruled my life back in the day. I brought my wife and oldest son (24 at the time) to see you and MTB at Turning Stone Casino in NY a couple years ago and they were blown away. The jam-band attitude and true blue rock roots won them over after the 1st song!!!(too bad the drunkard in the front row didn't behave better)
My wife has since agreed to help me complete my MTB CD collection, and we have worn out most of them. It's great to hear her wailing "Fly Like an Eagle" in the shower, and Cattle Drive remains our best travelin' song. My kids have ALL added songs to their ipods...or whatever they are called. Hope you continue to honor This Ol Cowboy, one our very favorites!!!(hard to find on any compilation CDs)....MTB for the rock n roll hall of fame!!!!

Sam 05/10/10 08:02:45 PM

Glenn Frey of the Eagles once said their music was, for so many, the soundtrack of their life's "movie". Well, for me that also included a very few other bands, the top of the list being the MTB. I'm 55 now, and somewhere around the early to mid 80's I stopped listening to worn out radio in the Los Angeles market, probably due to the lack of any worthwhile music being played. I just couldn't relate to stuff like "Thriller" or BOC. The last MTB album I got was Together Forever. I had no idea MTB continued to produce a wealth of new stuff since then. I was recently listening to Pandora on-line radio and heard a familiar sounding yet unfamiliar song. Low and behold, it was the MTB with something I'd never heard before! I went to the info link on the website page and discovered all the wonderful music I've missed all these years.

I can't believe it! It's like discovering a whole new life I missed out on. I cannot emphasize enough how much MTB music has been a part of and defined many aspects of my life, and now I find a whole hidden vault full of more of this wonderful music that has now at least doubled my life's "soundtrack". Not only that, but I find that you will be in my neck of the woods in San Dimas CA on 06/27/2010. I've got my tickets and I can hardly wait! I saw you at the Universal Amphitheatre somewhere around 1979 when it was still an outdoor venue. It's been a long time! I have been re-energized for the last half of my life. See you in San Dimas! :)

tony 08/13/10 01:03:10 AM

we havent seen you guys in awhile last time was at star lake amp with hank jr. and you had a sore throat but we still had a great time will see you at the rumble on the river in tionesta on august 28 i cant wait!! we have been to every rumble on the river and is allways a good croud too!!! i went to school with old band mate don cameron we saw him with you in 1990? or so up at coneaut lake you were with stepenwolf but as allways you guys were the hit of the night for my wife and i keep on rocking

cindy 10/03/10 07:04:52 PM

My two girlfriends and I had a girls night out on Oct 1st in Clermont FL and WOW what a night!!!! You guys were awesome! A night we will remember forever!I made my way right up to the front right where you were singing.What a show!I have so many great pictures! Thanks for a night to guys rock!

Dan 01/15/11 10:06:56 PM

Saw many great shows by you guys years ago. The greatest concert memory I have was driving from Miami to Atlanta Fulton County stadium for the Georgia Jam in "75" I believe. You guys,
The Allman Brothers Band, and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Those were the days.
All the best, Dan

Ken 02/14/11 05:36:56 PM


I want to Thank You for a fantastic show Saturday night in Watseka. After seeing 16 prior shows starting in 1975 in Lincoln Nebraska, while attending Creighton University in Omaha, this was a special show.
I've been waiting for an all ages show somewhere near Chicago to take my son Tim. We drove down from Downers Grove, IL. and you did not dissappoint!! Starting with a Great Show, your direct eye contact with Tim during "Can't You See" to patient and humble autograph signing, photos, and conversation afterward. You are awesome. Tim, and I, will never forget it!!

PS: He really likes "My Jesus Told Me So" just like I do.

God Bless You Always!!!

Ken Berberich
4812 Roslyn Rd.
Downers Grove, IL. 60515

Robert 02/14/11 07:55:25 PM


Thanks for awesome show in Watseka! I drove almost six hours to see you guys and it was worth every mile!

John 06/12/11 11:01:22 PM

Great show in Vernon NJ this Sunday. Thank you for keeping MTB going strong.

Gary 07/05/11 03:59:46 AM

I just caught up with you guys at the Martinsville, Va Speedway. I saw the original band several times between 1974, and 1980. It was a great Band, but I must say that with all the personel changes, you are still great. I didn't expect that. Your music is an important part of my "life soundtrack". Thank You for playing this fine music, and staying true to your great heritage. I saw many old fans bringing their grand kids out for a taste of real music. Sadly with today's trends it may be some of the last they hear. In the last couple of years I have seen Dickey Betts, and now you. I have gone full circle, and I'm getting a taste of the best again while it's still around. THANK YOU!

Kevin 12/08/11 05:21:16 AM

Doug, Please share this with all the band members. The show on saturday night on the Rock Legends Cruise 12/3/11 was the best show i have ever seen the MTB do. You guys are still rockin it hard after all these years. That along with all the guests on stage until almost 4 am are what true rock n Roll shows are about. Thanks for all the years of memories.

Whenever i fire up for a road trip MTB is along with me by CD and in my head.


rita 12/13/11 07:30:26 PM

My husband and I was on that rock legands cruise we also very much enjoyed the mtm loved it when you jammed with cris hicks i saw doug gray at breakfast on the cruise I wish i would of went over and visited him i just wanted you to have your privacy but still wished id of said hi and enjoyed my view point of life

Denise 03/19/13 06:28:13 PM

Doug, thanks again for an amazing performance. We just saw you all at the Rams Head On Stage in Annapolis, MD. I've always loved your music, I grew up with it. You also dedicated your last song to me and said I had a great smile. That was so awesome and I wanted to say thank you! Very cool of you! I hope to see you all again in Annapolis. This town loves you guys!

Nina 04/07/13 02:00:35 AM

I attended a MTB concert for the first time in Ridgefield, CT. Dang, what took me so long??? Wonderful music, great interaction between the band and the audience... LOVE THAT. Please keep being silly and playing beautiful music. Until the next time... Happy Trails!

James 07/31/13 04:59:28 AM

Hello Sir, I have been a fan for many many years. As I type I am listing to "Ride in Peace" and now "Can't You See" just started. I just got my second copy of Dedicated today and have been listening to it a few times. The first copy on cassette got worn out. I have seen the MTB in Chicago during the Long Hard Ride tour (which is my favorite MTB song next to Ride in Peace) and later in Merrillville IN. Love the music. Always wanted to sing professionally, but God had other plans. God's blessings upon you and "May all your journeys have a happy, happy end."

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