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B.B. Borden


B.B. Borden, founding member of the 1970's progressive rock band Mother's Finest, joined MTB with the departure of Gary Guzzardo, having just gotten through playing several years with the Outlaws and before that, Molly Hatchet. His unrelentless rock and roll playing style has energized the band and his drum solos amaze crowds. A southern boy from Atlanta, he has been a great addition to MTB.

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  • Posted on   04/16/09 at 03:50:04 AM   by Ron  | 
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Reader Comments (3)

Dave 11/24/09 07:10:15 PM

Hey B.B. I am the drummer for Jason Clutter and The Dirty South Band. We opened for MTB in Eavansvill In. @ the Thunder on the Ohio gig. I was just thinking of that gig and thought I would drop you a line and say hi and thanks. That gig was one of the highlights of my career so far and I/we had a kickin time. Hope all is well with you my friend and keep rockin. Hope to see you soon. D@ve Tibbetts........

Mike 09/02/10 02:18:11 AM

BB, met you backstage in Charlotte in 1980. The best MF ever sounded is when you played with them. I still like them, but it's never been the same since that group. You have been my favorite drummer forever. MF Live is in my CD player all the time. Anyway, your style was/is a great inspiration as a drummer. Hope I get to see MTB if you're near Charlotte NC anytime soon.

Mike Albright

Neel 08/08/12 03:29:16 PM

Hey BB, hope you are doing well. The other day I found an old Choice cassette with your solo on there, and then an Illusion flyer! Time does fly by.

I will try to catch a MTB show sometime and it will be great to see you play.

Neel Daniel

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