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Tony Heatherly

Tony Heatherly

Tony Heatherly


Tony Heatherly (bass) is one of the latest additions to MTB.

  • Posted on   04/16/09 at 01:45:41 PM   by Ron  | 
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Reader Comments (4)

Tony 05/22/09 07:57:32 PM

Wish I could say I have lost that much weight, but that's not me in the picture.
It's still a great honor to have my name associated with MTB.

Michael b. 06/10/09 09:12:52 PM

Looking good there, Smoke. LOL.

Robert 06/19/09 01:54:14 PM

Just wanted to say hi tony. I was the bartender at Rumours in st croix way back in 89 when you toy and pick pickens came down for three weeks to rock the club. toy called me shooter because i kept feeding you guys shots! hope your well. rob brennan

Susan 10/29/11 07:06:52 PM

Hey Tony! It's me, Susan are you? Tim Smith and I have been talking about you lately! Send me a message if you get this one and let me know how to contact you! Much love!

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