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Chris Hicks played lead and slide guitar in 1996 and 1997. By that time he had become well acquainted with MTB's music: his band, Loose Change, often opened for Toy in the early 90's. A few years later, after he joined the Outlaws, Hughie and company would serve as Toy's back-up band when Toy joined them for an East Coast Tour. He has since gone solo and released a CD titled Funky Broadway.  In 2008 Chris released his next full length album on MTB's Ramblin Recoirds entitled "Dog Eat Dog World." Chris re-joined the MTB permnently in 2012.



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Reader Comments (4)

Truitt 08/09/09 02:09:03 AM

I have been a fan for years, although I have to say that I prefer the original band, I really like " where we all belong", this I would have to say is my favorite.

I have just found this site and it is good to hear that MTB is still touring!

My condolences to the Gray family!

Mike 05/03/13 06:06:59 PM

Cant wait to see you guys this summer in Massachusetts. Chris, looking to find sheet music for some of your songs but having trouble locating any. Any suggestions?

Mauren 07/19/13 09:37:02 PM

Is it true Chris? Are you back playing with MTB? I met you years ago in Warner Robins before I moved back home to MA. (met through Bratt) Went and saw you at the South Shore Music Circus in like 2003:) I see MTB has a few shows in MA this summer and plan on making it to Indian Head Ranch -- would love to know if you're still with MTB ------------I can brag a little and maybe get more peeps to join me:)

Mike 07/22/13 08:12:55 PM

Awesome show Friday 07/19/13 at Blue Ocean Salisbury, Ma. Chris you were fantastic. Really enjoyed a magnificent show that MTB puts on.

PS...Hope the shirt fits ya.


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