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Tim Lawter

Tim Lawter

Tim Lawter

Since 1987 Tim Lawter has been providing the bottom for MTB. His bass solos are a fan favorite on "24 Hours at a Time." While he replicates the notes made famous originally by Tommy, he has added a little funk of his own. Along with Rusty he is the band's major songwriter, contributing "Mean Miss Sweetie" on Face Down in the Blues, the poignant "Daddy's Eyes" on Walk Outside the Lines (along with "She's Waiting"), the fan favorite "Stay in the Country" and "Driving You Out of My Mind," among others. He helped arrange the songs on Gospel and has assisted in engineering the band's CDs. He also sang Rusty's Beauty of Life on the Gospel CD. Prior to MTB he played with Stuart in White Wind.

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Marianne curtis 06/19/09 01:55:02 AM

Haven't seen you in huh forever ! what ya been up too ?

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