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David Muse

David Muse

David Muse

After Jerry's departure in 1996 David Muse stepped in and filled some mighty big shoes. His showmanship brought a new dimension to the band and he was well received by longtime Tucker fans. He was a founding member of Firefall and remained with them throughout their heyday in the mid 70's and into the early 80's. In January of 2000 he left MTB for the reunion of Firefall. David Muse returned to the MTB lineup in 2003, covering the flute, sax and keyboard chores for the band.

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dean 07/19/10 07:02:40 PM

I love MTB, I just attended the show at the starland ball room, I love it. David Muse was outstanding!!!! awesome flute and sax work did not miss a beat!!!!!!! can listen to that music all day long. I grew up with my brothers cranking MTB on there eight track stereo. that's right (eight track stereo)

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