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Frank Toler

Frank Toler

Frank Toler

Frank Toler was MTB's drummer from 1992 - 1994.

  • Posted on   04/16/09 at 02:15:23 PM   by Ron  | 
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Jeff 09/11/10 08:31:41 PM

I met the band in Santa Cruz at the hotel bar, Frankie invited me to ride the bus (i turned down a beer because I was clean and sober for a couple of years Doug/Frankie and I talked about our struggle to clean up our act, it killed so many of our friends) to the show, he used to call me when they were in L.A. and invite me to the show, doesn't seem like it could be that long ago. I would love to hear from Frankie is anyone knows how to reach him, we had so much in common, great guy!!! Jeff Oldham 714-403-9599

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