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Coming out May 28th, 2013 - The new live album from the MTB features a smokin' performance with original MTB members Doug Gray, Paul Riddle, Jerry Eubanks and George McCorkle plus guest performances by Charlie Daniels, Jaimoe, Butch Trucks and many more! Recorded Live September 19, 1995 in Spartanburg, SC, this is a must have for any Tuckerhead!!

Ten lucky, new Mailing List Subscribers will win this latest album from the Marshall Tucker Band!  

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  • Posted on   05/21/13 at 07:10:28 PM   by Ryan  | 
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Reader Comments (2)

Leon 05/22/13 12:35:09 AM

Eu gostaria muito de ganhar esse CD. Sou um grande fã da banda e nunca fui em um show. Por favor mandem esse premio para mim. Seria motivo de muita felicidade.

Sue 05/30/13 05:32:58 PM

I was unable to enter contest.Clicking on cd cover sends me to a mailing list that I'm allready on. HELP

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