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Strictly Country Magazine (September / October 2013 edition)

Live! From Spartanburg, South Carolina

The South Carolina Music Hall of Fame Concert

2013 - Ramblin’ Records.  Sometimes you have to go back in time to find a treasure that has always been there.  This is the case with this incredible album.  Recorded on September 19, 1995, during their live concert performance at their South Carolina Music Hall of Fame induction, this album contains many treasures.  The Marshall Tucker Band performs some of their most incredible hits like “Heard It In A Love Song,” “Fire On The Mountain,” and an incredible version of “24 Hours At A Time.”  In fact, “24 Hours At A Time” features an incredible ray of instrumentals including a saxophone solo, by Jerry Eubanks in which he hits the highest note on the sax with such ease. The band gains the help from some of the most talented musicians such as Charlie Daniels, Jamie and Butch Trucks of The Allman Brothers, The Outlaws, Firefall and Wet Willie to enhance many of their songs.  Other songs include “This Ol’ Cowboy,” “Long Hard Ride,” “Desert Skies,” “Searchin’ For A Rainbow,” “In My Own Way,” “Ramblin’,” and “Askin’ Too Much of You."  The album closes with one of the most popular songs in southern rock with “Can’t You See.”  All of the great artists like The Marshall Tucker Band have a vault hidden somewhere.  In that vault lies some of the most incredible recordings that these artists have ever done.  Perhaps, the industry should stop recording every Tom, Dick and Jane and search for the hidden vaults of the favorites.  There are several reasons for you to purchase this album, first it’s a live recording.  If you have never seen The Marshall Tucker Band live, this album gives you a glimpse into that live performance at a lesser cost.  Second, the talent that is showcased on this album is vast.  From the various musical instruments to the strong lyrics to the additional help from the music industries more notables, it’s all there!  Third, it’s The Marshall Tucker Band!  Need I say any more?  Granted The Marshall Tucker Band is not quite country, however, today’s country is 70’s rock-n-roll. It’s entertainers and bands like The Marshall Tucker Band who paved the way for many of today’s bands and artists.  This is a complete treasure, one not to miss! $$$$$++


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