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The Marshall Tucker Band

Year ReleasedAlbum TitleRecord Company
2009Love SongsRamblin'
200812 Great Hits (Digital Release)Ramblin'
2008Special Edition Collector's TinRamblin'
2007Carolina Dreams Tour '77 (DVD/2CD)Ramblin'
2007The Next AdventureRamblin'
2006Live on Long Island 04-18-80 (2CD)Ramblin'
2006Where A Country Boy Belongs (2CD)Ramblin'
2005Anthology: The First 30 Years (2CD)Ramblin'
2005Carolina ChristmasRamblin'
2004LIVE From the Garden State 1981 (DVD)Ramblin'
2004Beyond the HorizonRamblin'
2003Stompin' Room OnlyRamblin'
1998Face Down In The BluesK-Tel
1997MT BluesK-Tel
1997Encore CollectionRCA
1996Country TuckerK-Tel
1994The Best of the Capricorn Years (2 CD)K-Tel
1993Walk Outside The LinesCabin Fever
1992Still Smokin’Cabin Fever
1990Southern SpiritCabin Fever
1988Still Holdin’ OnMercury
1983Greetings From South Carolina (Re-issued 2003)Ramblin'
1983Just Us (Re-issued 2003)Ramblin'
1982Tuckerized (Re-issued 2003)Ramblin'
1981Dedicated (Re-issued 2003)Ramblin'
1980Tenth (Re-issued 2003)Ramblin'
1979*Running Like The Wind (Re-issued 2003)Ramblin'
1978**Greatest HitsCapricorn
1978*Together Forever (Re-issued 2004)Ramblin'
1977**Carolina Dreams (Re-issued 2004)Ramblin'
1976*Long Hard Ride (Re-issued 2004)Ramblin'
1975**Searchin’ For A Rainbow (Re-issued 2004)Ramblin'
1974*Where We All Belong (Re-issued 2004)Ramblin'
1973*A New Life (Re-issued 2003)Ramblin'
1973**Marshall Tucker Band (Re-issued 2003)Ramblin'

*Indicates Gold sales status
**Indicates Platinum sales status
Re-issued albums on Ramblin’ Records in 2001.